Welcome to Miao Miao Daycare

Currently Enrolling Toddlers and Infants

Welcome to Miao Miao Daycare!

We are a home-based childcare located in the Sunset District of San Francisco, providing high-quality childcare services for children aged three months to five years old. Our childcare philosophy is to cultivate good habits and learning interests in children, helping them become lifelong learners. We provide a peaceful, healthy, and warm learning environment, respecting and accepting families from different races and cultural backgrounds, and ensuring that every child grows up healthy in a loving environment.

We believe that children learn best in a learning-promoting environment. Therefore, we have designed a high-quality learning environment centered around children. Our daily activities include art, crafts, drama, reading, building blocks, music, numbers, natural sciences, sand and water activities, and more. Through diverse activities, infants and young children can strengthen their practical and perceptual abilities, freely explore, satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and express their understanding of the outside world and life situations through games, thereby stimulating their imagination and creativity.

At Miao Miao Daycare, we offer a variety of fun and creative courses and have created a safe, clean, spacious, and comfortable indoor and outdoor environment for children. Our teachers have rich experience in early childhood education and ECE education qualifications. They can carefully cultivate good habits and learning interests in children, interact with children through questions and correct guidance, help them think and cultivate problem-solving and logical thinking abilities.

In addition to diverse learning activities, we also provide fresh and healthy organic meals, including breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks, to ensure that children have a balanced diet. We also offer favorable policies such as financial aid, free meals, sibling discounts, subsidies and vouchers, etc., to provide more convenience for parents.

If you are interested in learning more about Miao Miao Daycare, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to providing your baby with a warm, safe, healthy, and enjoyable home-based childcare! 





我们的课程是以创意课程为主,将保育和实践教育完美相结合,老师会用心观察记录孩子的学习和发展情况,再根据孩子的兴趣, 需求和发展水平而量身定制课程计划,加强孩子在认知 , 体能 ,社交和语言等各个领域的发展。





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📚 Newly launched in 2022