What food does my child eat?

For infants aged 12 months and younger, parents are required to provide all breast milk, formula and bottle accessories.

For toddlers aged 12 months and above, we can offer homemade meals at no extra charge.

Different kids have different needs (meat, vegetables, milk) and amounts at different age.

We will learn from our parents about kids preference, and work with parents to provide the best for them.

Our regular meals, we have milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and grains.

If my child is sick, can I bring my child to the daycare?

No. Parents need to keep children at home if they are ill, not feeling well, or if they might be contagious to other children. Please call the child care provider if the child is not coming to care due to illness. The child care provider reserves the right to deny care to any child that in her judgment is ill and/or contagious to other children. 

If the child becomes ill during care the child care provider will notify parents/guardians and they must pick up child as soon as possible. If your child becomes ill or injured at the family child care home and you or emergency contacts cannot be reached, the physician on the emergency form will be called. Parents should leave a signed consent form with the child’s physician to proceed with the emergency treatment.

No discounts in child care fees will be given for days when your child is out ill.

What holidays do we observe?

Our program is closed for all legal federal holidays. No discounts are given for closure during these holidays. 

We will remind parents of closure as needed. These days are as follows:

If I take my family out for vacations, do I need to pay?

Yes. Please pay the regular fees to hold the child’s space at the child care home. 

Family can take as many weeks of vacation each year. 

Please give us a minimum 7 days’ notice of any vacation.

Why I do need to give a holding deposit?

Once you have made the decision and choose us as your family child care provider. You will have to place a holding deposit of the monthly care fee and we will reserve a child care spot for your child. The deposit will apply to the first month of care.

If you change your mind last minute, your holding deposit will not be refunded.

What is the rate?

Before you make any decision, schedule a tour and then discuss more about it.

What is the enrollment procedure?

We know you will LOVE our daycare. And you want to put your kids in our daycare!

How long do I need to wait?

​There are many families on our wait list. From our experience, it is really really rare that families change their program after they started their program in any of the early care education program. It is not good for the child and it is not easy for the family. Most common reasons of exiting out of our program for our families are child transition to preschool, moving out of area and change of work. Families once enrolled, they normally stay for 1.5 to 2.5 years. As a result, we accumulated a long wait list. Of course, we check in with our families and see if some of them have already found care in other place. And we always announce our openings through our private waiting list prior to public announcement. Hope I have explained the situation well to you.