At our Childcare, it is our goal to provide an environment that makes children feel welcomed and at home. In our program, children will feel empowered to follow their own interests in a safe space. Our Childcare offers a creative early childhood curriculum which we explore through play, games, music, creative movement and arts. We expose children to all aspects of developmental needs and we cater to unique needs of each child and their families. We believe children deserve to be children as long as they can and we encourage that by supporting free play, imagination and outdoor exploration as much as possible. While children learn through creative, self-paced channels, our role as teachers is to guide them in this process and allow them the freedom to express their inner selves. We believe in providing a structure for children to develop and each day we follow a routine and carefully planned activities and various curriculum themes. 




Daily Schedule

8:30am - 9am ▪  Free Choice

9am - 9:30am ▪ Breakfast

9:30am - 10am ▪ Circle Time

10am - 11am ▪ Arts & Crafts

11am - 11:30pm ▪ Free Choice

11:30pm - 12pm ▪ Lunch

12:00pm - 2:30pm ▪ Nap Time

2:30pm - 3pm ▪ Afternoon Snacks

3pm - 4pm ▪ Outside Play

4pm - 5:30pm ▪ Play Time

Holiday Calendar

January 1st ▪ New Year's Day

January 20th ▪ MLK Day

February 17th ▪ Presidents' Day

May 25th ▪ Memorial Day

July 4th ▪ Independence Day

September 7th ▪ Labor Day

October 12th ▪ Columbus/Indigenous People's Day

November 11th ▪ Veterans Day

November 26th ▪ Thanksgiving Day

December 24th-25th ▪ Christmas